It’s amazing as a nation how obsessed we are with weather. Whether the weather is good or bad it is a British conversational staple. So when we have a miniature heatwave in MARCH we go crazy. Because it’s just so NICE!

I love the colder seasons. Autumn is my absolute favourite – time to get out the jumpers and snuggle down at home. Last Autumn I didn’t even have to make any excuses to not go anywhere – I could quite happily just hibernate for a few months knitting and watching boxsets. But nature does have that way of sensing when you’ve just about had enough and I think the last couple of days have been a little gift from Mother Nature to say, “I know this has been a particularly bad one but hang in there, not much longer and the days will be long and sunny and warm”.

It’s amazing how much better a bit of sunshine and new growth can make you feel. I went for a cycle this morning (technically I was late for an appointment and it was my only option of getting there on time in London traffic) but I was so pleased that I did. It’s well documented that outdoors, fresh air and seeing some green lifts the mood and can ease symptoms of mild depression. I can attest that this has always been a big help for me – except the time I went out for a walk along the canal for some refreshing ‘wellbeing’ time and tripped over and twisted my ankle.

With the clocks changing and the road out of lockdown hopefully on the horizon I’m looking forward to making the most of some early evening sunshine and fingers crossed a glass of wine or two with some friends.

By Clair Grayston

person who writes stuff, makes stuff, plays stuff

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