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what makes a great vacation?

Having come back from holiday a little less than 24 hours ago, straight into back to school preparations, the hope of a long lasting restorative effect is long gone.

activity based holidaying

“Will, work harder! We’re going to nail this front crawl! Then work on your tumble turn!” (Will is 3 years old and was quite happy splashing around in the pool until Dad came back from kayaking).

that’s better

If you have had any interactions, however fleeting, with any British people in the last week you will know we’ve been having a heatwave. We won’t have been able to not mention it.

normal service will be resumed

When I started this website I had wonderful intentions of a constantly overflowing fountain of exciting ideas and creative projects. But life gets in the way.

may tsundoku

Still working through sorting the house out but I did want to share what’s on my bedside table (figuratively, not literally. Bedside table all sorts of a mess).

moving home

We moved house last week. It was, as you would imagine, quite stressful, although not necessarily in the ways I had expected.


It’s amazing as a nation how obsessed we are with weather. Whether the weather is good or bad it is a British conversational staple.

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