may tsundoku

may tsundoku

tsundoku: noun

the practice of buying a lot of books and keeping them in a pile because you intend to read them but have not done so yet; also used to refer to the pile itself

Hi there, everyone. Apologies for the lack of an April tsundoku. Having moved house last month the weeks just slipped away and I managed to do very little blogging and very little reading. Still working through sorting the house out but I did want to share what’s on my bedside table (figuratively, not literally. Bedside table all sorts of a mess).

The Manningtree Witches by A. K. Blakemore

This month’s Botanical Yarn Book Club book. I do like the feel of a real life book but when up against a book club deadline I often resort to audiobooks so I can listen whilst doing other things. This time I accepted that this month is super busy so just cracked straight on with Audible and it’s quite a different experience to reading a book from the start when you’re trying to piece together a picture in your head of the characters and where they are. Often find really dodgy accents on Audible as they only have one or two people reading it. Entertaining.

Described as ‘the best historical novel… since Wolf Hall’ (which I’ve never managed to get through) it’s so far an eerie tale of slightly peculiar goings on around the English Civil War. Hoping to finish on time.

Chances of reading: 9/10

Klara and the Sun by Kazui Ishiguro

Big fan of Kazui Ishiguro although I seem to remember not really getting on with that one about the tree. Maybe it wasn’t actually about a tree. Anyway.

I’m sure I’ll get around to reading this, but not sure when.

Chances of reading: 9/10

Deep Work by Cal Newport

If only I could find the time.

Chances of reading: 5/10

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

This is a cheat as I’ve already read it but I’ve found myself mentioning this book multiple times lately in the context of thinking about returning to the workplace. I love, love, love this book.

As an almost off the chart introvert I would generally avoid people where possible given the choice, but unfortunately I do have to interact with them so as to avoid become a completely socially withdrawn hermit. This book made me realise that there’s nothing wrong me, I’m just wired this way and that there are ways to manage my time to be at my best.

More content to come on introversion as it’s one of my favourite topics. Also have met Susan, she’s lovely.

Chances of reading: 10/10

A Better Me by Gary Barlow

Another cheat as I already listened to the audio book (give me a break, I just moved house!) and I really enjoyed it. For anyone who is of a certain age and lived through Take That’s heyday this a brilliant tale of the happenings of the late 90s but also a very raw and honest recounting of Gary’s dark years after the band broke up. Will have you crying tears of sadness and tears of absolute laughter.

My favourite quote:

“Even if I could have ignored [the weight gain], no one is going to let me. The headlines like TAKE FAT, RELIGHT MY FRYER, BACK FOR PUD – all quite funny from a distance of fifteen years and wearing much smaller trousers”.

Chances of reading: 10/10

By Clair Grayston

person who writes stuff, makes stuff, plays stuff

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